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Jun 24, 2020

New segment alert! It's called Squat Watch and we're perusing the darkest corners of the internet in search of muscle-related questions that need answering. So get that ass to the grass and tune in, people!

Jun 17, 2020

I bet you didn't know that the Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" is actually about female empowerment. That's a fact and we're totally here for it. Listen to the story and then listen to us answer your questions about gargling, hot dogs, and everything in between!

Jun 10, 2020

FACT: The "G" in "G-string" does stand for GHOST.

That's right, everybody, we back on our ghost shit! Hope you're happy. We sure are. Can't get enough ghost to be honest. We're also dipping our toes into some alien hell portal business, so...


Jun 3, 2020

Guess what, everybody. We're talkin' cryptids! Again! Except this time they're local to us here in New England. Ever seen a garden gnome come to life? Me neither, but I wouldn't really care to.

And among other things, we're Making a Muscle Boy tonight, so expect bloodshed!