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May 11, 2022

The Cool Parents Travel Agency has you covered! We're visiting some businesses, calling some others, and creating our own in I Love This Business! Also, did you know seagulls are space aliens?

May 4, 2022

Hey there, slimes! You wanna hear about some real cool kids in a 2006 high school yearbook? We got that! You wanna hear about some missed connections and "activities" on CraigsList? Well stop reading this and press play, you PERVERT. <3

Apr 27, 2022

You got another top-quality episode on your hands today, folks! We have a couple Buttermans and Umpdates runnin' wiiiiild, then we listen to some incredible isolated vocal tracks from Rancid, Boxcar Racer, Disturbed, and Tom Waits. All that topped off with a Tough Guy Poetry from Soulfly!

Thanks for listening, don't...

Apr 20, 2022

We've got a new segment to take for a spin called Round Trip Translations and an oldie but goodie, Tindergarten Cops! Give it a listen and tell your friends!


Apr 13, 2022

We brought our A game to this one, folks, so strap in! Or strap on, because we've got Pervert Proverbs. We also answer your burning questions about all kinds of stuff upon which we are the authority.

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