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Dec 11, 2019

Chuck Biscuits played drums for Danzig. That's just a fun fact for you folks. Also, is Kid Rock actually a misunderstood genius? Nope. He fully sucks shit. Wanna know why? Listen to our dang show! Luv u <3

Dec 4, 2019

The Bible is a little out-dated, let's just face it... It's time for a reboot! Listen as we plan our own take on the "Good Book" with a hip new all-star cast! Also discussed: electric RipStiks, butt-chugging sunlight, Kid Rock, and a masturbating ghost ape. Have fun! #rebootthebible

Nov 27, 2019

Confused by the title of this here episode? We are too. Help us figure it out, please. We got Tough Guy PoetryPervert Proverbs, and a brand new segment called Fittin' Pipes here for you folks! Enjoy!

Nov 20, 2019

We're joined once again by Warren (AKA W.C. Brigham) to discuss Valomilk candy, Twilight tote bags, idioms, and how "real" men shake hands. Then we dive into some Tindergarten Cops! What we find may shock you... but it most likely will not.

Nov 13, 2019

This may be the most outrageous Making a Muscle Boy this world has ever witnessed. We're talkin' snake creatures and the long-awaited return of the Neck!

Also, Justy Boy presents an... interesting conspiracy theory regarding John Lennon's death. Hint: it involves Stephen King?